Whether you’re a busy professional, a hard-working parent, or simply someone who doesn’t care for housework, the fact is that, sometimes, a house goes a bit too long without a thorough cleaning. For situations like where this is the case, a professional cleaning service can be invaluable. For house cleaning in Huntington, NY, come to The Cleaning Girls, Inc. We’ll have your home looking spotless in no time!

Quality Service at Competitive Prices

With a diverse population of citizens with a wide range of interests and careers, Huntington homes require a special touch when deep cleaning. Thankfully, the experienced cleaners at The Cleaning Girls, Inc., has the skills necessary to bring any sort of home to a beautiful, sparking state. Whether you’re single or a member of a large family, we’ll handle any messes, big or small — just leave the home cleaning to us!

We understand that the act of cleaning is only half of the battle. We’ll work with you to choose a time that works best for you; we make sure to only send trustworthy cleaners to your home; we keep a line of communication open so you can make requests; and our system enables you to choose exactly which rooms need which type of cleaning. A clean home is only a phone call away.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today at 631-490-7600 to learn more.