Our reliable and trustworthy staff will carefully clean and disinfect your home from top to bottom.  Arriving in professional uniformed attire, masks, gloves and booties are always worn. We’re covered so you feel covered, only healthy staff will enter the home. This is to protect both your family and our employees. 

All areas of interest will be addressed, removing any dirt, dust and grime.  This can include, but is not limited to: bathrooms, kitchens, floors, surfaces, baseboards, furniture and even places you can’t see like ceiling fans and dark corners.   

As the client, you have the option to have everything cleaned every time, or have us create a custom cleaning rotation that is specific to individual budgets and needs.  For example, guest rooms need less cleaning than the master bedroom, so you may opt for ala carte services that focus specifically on high traffic areas like only bathrooms, kitchens and floors.

The team of one to three professionals, always includes a cleaning supervisor to ensure a job well done.  We can manage the cleanliness of your home on a weekly, bi weekly, monthly, or as needed basis with flexible scheduling.

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